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I would call this a Christmas book haul but some of these books I ended up purchasing myself using money that I was given by a relative. I suppose they are still Christmas presents but they were bought after Christmas and the last one only arrived today.

The Hunger Games Series 

This set was among the Christmas presents from my boyfriend. I have already read all of The Hunger Games trilogy but he knows that when I really like a book or series that I want the hard copy of it instead of just having it on my ereader.

These copies of the book have metallic covers and they are beautifully embossed. I had never seen the series with this sort of cover before so I was amazed when I opened my present. All of the books have mockingjays on them and you can see almost all of the feather detail in the birds.

Mrs Hudson’s Diaries: A View From the Landing at 221b

This was a present from a very close friend of mine. She is a fellow long term Sherlock Holmes fan so she usually buys me Sherlock themed gifts.

I had never heard of this book before. From what I can gather from the back of the book and flicking through it, it is about different events that happened in 221b from Mrs Hudson’s point of view and it is written in the form of diary entries. I will be starting to read it tonight and I might write a review on it afterward. It isn’t very long so it shouldn’t take me too long to work my way through it.



The Shadowhunter’s Codex

This is one of the books that I bought with my Christmas money. It was also on sale at the time so that was a bonus.

Words cannot express how much I love this book! I am yet to read it from cover to cover but it has been amazing so far. It is a book explaining everything about the world of Shadowhunters from the Cassandra Clare series’ so it is wonderfully detailed and full of information that you probably didn’t already know about Shadowhunters. Also it is Clary’s copy of the codex so it is full of doodles, notes and scribbled conversations from Clary, Simon and Jace.

If you like any of Cassandra Clare’s books you have to own this because it is simply fantastic and funny.

Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian

Another purchase with my Christmas money and I only finished reading it today.

This is the last book of the Percy Jackson series and I had been spending months trying to find it in stock in shops where I live but I didnt have any luck until recently. This book is probably the best of the Percy Jackson series. I actually shouted at it a few times, and I usually judge how good a book is by whether or not I yell at the characters in the book while reading it.




The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Christmas money strikes again. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time but none of the shops in Belfast seem to carry it. I really don’t know why. I spent months looking for it and never found it so I ended up having to buy it from Amazon and it only arrived this morning.

I have heard a lot of good things about this book and the plot sounds fascinating so I really cant wait to get stuck into it. It is on my to-read list after Mrs Hudson’s Diaries since Mrs Hudson is quite short and a present from a real person who probably wants to know what I think of their present.

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